Our brand story

From the time Fujifilm began making film in 1934, we’ve had some of the best color scientists in the world helping create film for cinema images. Eventually, we began making FUJINON broadcast TV lenses, becoming an established market leader. And when the opportunity to create cinema lenses arose, Fujifilm was on the cutting edge of digital cinema lens technology. Today, nearly a century of experience in image-making later, Fujifilm is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of television and motion picture lenses

Our History

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FUJINON lenses are created in response 
to the needs of the people who comprise 
the industries we serve—creators and 
visual storytellers across the broadcast 
and cinema production spectrum.


We invest time, trust, and resources in speaking with customers, technology providers, and camera manufacturers on every continent to learn what they need and want. And we listen. Whether it’s convenience, productivity, efficiency, creative, or something else, our customers are the drivers of our innovation.


Our promise of quality, innovation, and superior customer service is matched only by our commitment to immersing ourselves in the cinema market and continuously learning what cinematographers, camera operators and other cinema production professionals want and need, now and in the future.


Leveraging our highly accurate design, manufacturing and assembly expertise, all FUJINON broadcast lenses are deliberately created to not just meet, but exceed the optical, mechanical, and electronic requirements of broadcast production professionals.