Thanks to its autofocus capabilities, UA107AF helps live events producer Dylan Kissel keep pace with high-speed sports. He explains how it’s changed the way he works

Fujifilm crafts technology with a purpose; advanced hardware that enables you to create content without limitations. FUJINON UA107x8.4 AF (UA107AF) is one such innovation – a lens that allows production teams to capture high-quality video that was previously near-impossible.

The 4K Box Lens with an Advanced Focus Function

UA107AF is the world’s first 4K box lens that features the Advanced Focus function, allowing camera operators to focus instantaneously on subjects. The lens can achieve such advanced autofocus thanks in part to a newly developed phase detection autofocus sensor.

One great thing about UA107AF is that the autofocus allows me to get crowd shots without taking those extra 5-10 secs; I can immediately go back and shoot the game.

– Dylan Kissel –

Using Fujifilm’s latest in-house technology, UA107AF tracks sharp images with focus speeds as fast as 0.45 sec. Shots that previously could not be obtained due to long manual focus processes can now be acquired with the click of a button.

Dylan Kissel, live events producer for Spartan Vision at Michigan State University, has put UA107AF through its paces, working with the lens on multiple sporting events. He comments on how autofocus extends his ability to make content when covering high-speed sports, where fast focus is critical.

“In the sports field, ensuring subjects are in focus in your frame is crucial. Autofocus means I don’t have to worry about that extra part of shooting; it allows me to go into production with the headspace that I’m going to get the best shot I can.”

Helping You Create the Shot

Fujifilm developed UA107AF using technological expertise fostered by its X Series and GFX System digital cameras. In the broadcast world, where autofocus isn’t par for the course with box lenses, UA107AF enables camera operators to create previously unattainable shots without taking unnecessary risks.

Dylan notes how UA107AF allows him to attain challenging shots.

“During games, we don’t have downtime, so when I’m shooting a crowd shot, I need to make sure I can get back in time to cover the game. One great thing about UA107AF is that the autofocus allows me to get crowd shots without taking those extra 5-10 secs; I can immediately go back and shoot the game.”

In addition to being the world’s first 4K box lens with the Advanced Focus function, UA107AF offers impressive technical specifications that would be a welcome addition to any content creation team.

UA107AF features a 107x zoom range, from 8.4-900mm; if the 2x lens function is used, it can obtain shots with an extreme telephoto focal length of 1800mm. Additionally, video won’t appear shaky at any focal length, thanks to its built-in Optical Image Stabilization mechanism that keeps the action smooth.

For creators looking to capture the most lifelike imagery possible, UA107AF includes HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility for image capture from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. Dylan mentions how such range can be critical: “Especially when you are shooting in a venue, going from a brightly lit stage to a dark crowd.”

Thanks to unique multilayer coating called HT-EBC, UA107AF boosts the light transmittance rate, allowing HDR video production in challenging situations whether you are filming in bright sunlight or at dusk.

Additionally, to combat various types of aberration, UA107AF utilizes both aspherical and fluorite elements for an improved image. Fujifilm’s engineering team has worked tirelessly to craft a lens with characteristically small chromatic dispersion in light transmittance.

Creating 4K HDR Content Without Barriers

Dylan has used UA107AF while working for multiple sporting events, and describes how easy it was to use the autofocus system:

“It was simple to go through the different focus modes; the controls are very intuitive, with basic parameters you can adjust. The complexity added by the autofocus system is far outweighed by it being an autofocus system. Your hand rests on the control as if you were pulling focus; it’s a simple feeling to get used to.”

Camera operators aren’t the only production team members thrilled with UA107AF. Dylan explains that the new technology ‘takes the stress off the director’s shoulders’, allowing them to know that ‘the shot will be in focus if they switch to a camera’.

As always, the value of technology is how it enables creators to make content without being bogged down in technical details. Dylan says the lens helps him generate content without worry.

“Being able to focus on composition is what makes the autofocus so helpful and powerful.”

The full capability of UA107AF is realized when hooked up to a remote camera operating apparatus, such as a Mo-Sys solution. A powerful autofocus system, combined with remote operation, allows for a finer level of control.

“With autofocus and the Mo-Sys system, I’m not concerned about the extra time things can take,” Dylan explains. “Autofocus is one less thing I have to worry about – I can get my shots in and allow autofocus to do its job.”

Pushing Fujinon Lenses to the Limit

UA107AF isn’t a fragile piece of high technology; at Michigan State University, Dylan points out the resilience of Fujifilm products in demanding environments.

“They look as good as they do while being as robust as they are. College students are rough on equipment, but we haven’t had issues with the lenses – they are super reliable.”

The precision engineering that goes into crafting UA107AF is about more than creating a stunningly fast broadcast AF lens. Fujifilm engineers push ever forwards to produce equipment that lets creators do what they do best: capture the world around them and transport us through the medium of video.

When we asked Dylan what it would look like if his production crew exclusively used UA107AF broadcast lenses, he noted that the team’s way of shooting would be improved irrevocably.

“It would allow our camera operators to concentrate on the shots – not worry about things being in focus.”

If you, too, are looking to create without worry, and want to learn more about UA107AF or any FUJINON 4K HDR-compatible broadcast lenses, you can learn more about them here or find them at a dealer or rental house near you



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